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Fast Connector for Clamping Rings


Jejunium enim clamping iungo anulos releaseconnector etiam facile est facile et secutus est machinamentum securus ieiunaveris assemblingof clamping sonat. Jejunium enim clamping iungo orbis partibus constat acomfortable ansam scabellum Vicifontem anulum equestrium, quae sera M6 coniuncti II turningparts Novifacta clamping vis ad. Auwellalso parte agit de fine partis cardo stridebat aenis.


The saddle part is designed in accordance with the clamping ring profile, making sure that the fast connector is firmly connected with the ring. For carbon steel rings, the fast connector is supplied under light oil rust protection conditions. The rust protection agent is specially formulated to prevent rusting for at least 6 months without impacting the connecter’s welding performance.

For fast connector for clamping rings assembling, the riveting process needs to be carried out under certain forces and fixtures, making sure that the force applied to the handle is within a certain level for comfortable operation and security. If the riveting process is not performed correctly, the fast connector for the clamping rings would be distorted which will negatively affect the function and appearance of the fast connector.


Auwell has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying different kinds of fast connector for clamping rings, at this moment, 100% of products exported to Germany for our distinguished clients. By using optimized technology and programming, our products have been proven as excellent in quality at an affordable price. Auwell is proud of its high productivity for producing these products in a cost-effective way.

The fast connector for clamping rings products displayed are custom made exclusively for our distinguished clients. We are happy to offer competitive price to all inquiries from potential clients. 

Technical Specifications

-Materiam st12, ST37, Q235B, CCCIV Aliquam ferro, vel petentibus 316L

-Sternite crassitudine, 2.5mm

-Turning parts made by custom made CNC lathe, full automatic production, saddle is made by progressive die for quality consistency 

productivity, et altius.


-Rich Experience

Magis quam XV annis ofexperience iungo ut per ieiunium clamping annulos productionem et progressionem, especiallyto Europae fora. Solidum ex materia et intellectus, qualis technicaland signa terrarum.

-Fast Turnaround

Plerumque, providere aquotation in nos operatus III diebus. Combining manufacturingtechnologies et tardus ad facilities, Auwell praebere possunt ieiunium ieiunium connectorfor clamping annulos prototypa, in III weeks iustus pro projects simplex.

-Solutio in comprehensive Providentem

Ieiunium enim clamping COPULATOR ad officia Auwell providescomprehensive annulos projects startingfrom navigare cogitans, et per prototyping, tooling / fixture progressionem, sampling, massa productio et logistics et post-venditionis firmamentum.

-Seu Rigidorum VOL Politiae ipsa QC;

Qualitypolicy animi ex materia gravissima et imperium, et secuta est ad inspectionem finalpre-amet. Libellum materiales testimonium includit molendini, 3 pars eget components, et mechanica res tradit, tum ad petitionem RoHSand SPATIUM tradit. Nos structureour Processus partum dissipantur cogitationes fluunt et Imperium apud charts productio, processus pluris aestimantur QC makingsure omnibus requisitis ad normam ISO9001-2015 anddrawing cubits.

-Flexible Payment Term

Tooling liberate egent actione damni praeexistunt secundum solvit. Massa productio offerimus pretium elit terminorum reasonablecredit terminis dabitur nisi componat cum cliens theproduct laetus accepit. Diu terminus consiliorum vocem laudis fuistis inventoryservices ieiunium partus requisita.

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