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Est. in 1999, Auwell Industries is a customer-oriented industrial components supplier with a global commitment to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution by using up-to-date technology, state-of-the-art facilities and international partnerships.
Habemus suo faciendo producendo gradatim cnc machining partes et terunt partes et centum contractus artificiorum initia tradere, nos sibi in adiutorium volueris clientem cursus invenire fas armorum et ius productum pro machinis procul sumptus efficens via.
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Why Auwell?


- Plus quam XX annos experientia in
              the international market, especially in
Gallia, Italia elit.
        -     Experienced and knowledgeable team
              assists clients to develop products
et in quolibet ex conceptu
              mass production.


- ISO9001-2015 Certified
        -     ERP management system
        -     Combined manufacturing and trading
               activities provide customers with a
comprehensive unus subsisto solutio,
               product development and production.


        -     Understanding of technical, material
qualitas et arcu.
- R & D quadrigis in in-domum ipsum
- 3D excudendi celeri prototyping.
        -     Optimized manufacturing process
              ensuring the best price ratio.

Regimen quālitātis

- nulla species, nullus negotii. Maxime
rigorous consilium incipit cum materia ipsa QC;
praeexistere inspectione amet.
        -     In supplement to our QC facilities – a
              globally recognized lab contracted for
reliable test results.


- Quod ad jus vestibulum processibus
ius sit amet, efficientiam Maximized
              to ensure quality products at an
              affordable price.
- termini solucionis flexibilia.

Logistics & Warehousing

        -     Flexible incoterms options
- rationales stocks occursum Customers '
              call-off requirements

Product Development Flow Chat

  • Customers' Specification
  • FACULTAS Studay
  • Confirmatio pretium
  • Engineering Design
  • & Probatio Prototyping
  • Tooling &
  • Mass Production
  • Logistic &
  • Post-sale Support