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"Securus utor, difficile perdere". Scruzol innovative quod solus secum munera manually X-electrically-Lorem et Lorem.

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Scruzol innovativetool est quod coniungit features of optimus-manually powered andelectrically screwdrivers, powered. Est elegantem suppeditavit solutionem autem inducit 10new munera et utilis ad terram ultimam cum filo perforat fasteners.

In utroque loco pellerentur Scruzol socketsenable mortes duo ut orci vel instantlyinto transmutare aut solus opera virtutis exercitio agitatae coegi.

Scruzol 12top, qualis est in aperto latere sponte bits supplantabúntur gressus onto snapsecurely repono foramina, et in media magnes cantharus ansa. Hoc pacto aliquantulus frenum-ieiunium-repono systemenables permutando cum tangentes flickable sentiunt. Et eadem ratio repono, et frenum in powerfulmagnet qui operatur in Scruzol dat pro veniis stored quasi manubrium amet magnes. Easysingle operationem, enable bits vi magnetica imbuebam highly utebatur.

A Scruzol's handle can also act as a magnetic holder for loose screws, washers, drills or other small parts. Both screwdriver and parts are stored right where they're being used and that's a real help to auto mechanics, service technicians, homeowners ... virtually everyone!

An semper nibh ut for1 / IV inch coegi quod includitur cum basibus totidem. Potest exsisto repono parce bases magneticallyonto Scruzol in potestate repulsi sunt habiles, | dum etiam intacti tela in drivingfull RPM!

A Scruzol can mount two bits simultaneously, thereby enabling instant bit-swapping while driving it manually. This flipping function improves productivity during repetitive assembly or adjustment tasks.

When a bit is inserted backwards into the handle's bit-socket, a small "Electric Screwdriver" can be used to power-drive it. Load a dozen screws onto a Scruzol and then dispense them for driving as needed. They stick like glue to its magnetic handle, even at full speed … great for drywalling!

12 Highest Quality S2 Steel Bits

-Flat 1/4, 3/16

-Hex M4; M5

-Phillips 1; 2; 3

-Square 1; 2; 3

-Torx XXV; XXX

-1/4” socket adaptor

Auwell is the manufacture of Scruzol, distributors that are interested in this product, please contact us for details.

Cubits technical

-Material: Durable ABS for body, aluminum shaft with anodize, alloy steel bit

-Weight: 0.31lb (140g)

-Product dimension: diameter 1.25 in. (32mm), length 0.45 in. (115mm)

-Package information


Pallet Size (cm)

Qty./Pallet (pcs)

Pallet Weight (kg)














-Usus rich

Magis quam XX annis ofexperience in aliud genus crack / ducens progressionem products tooling andproduction, praesertim in North American fora, cum solidum understandingof usersâ spem in finem, et munus species.

-Fast Turnaround

For existing clients with confirmed brand, trade mark and package, 45 days lead time after getting order. For custom branded products, 60 days of delivery time.

-Solutio in comprehensive Providentem

Auwell providescomprehensive ad officia crack / consilio et development de ducens artifices products startingfrom navigare cogitans, et per prototyping, tooling / fixture progressionem, sampling, massa productio et logistics et post-venditionis firmamentum.

-Rigid QC Policies

Qualitypolicy animi ex materia gravissima et imperium, et secuta est ad inspectionem finalpre-amet. Libellum materiales testimonium includit molendini, 3 pars eget components, et mechanica res tradit, tum ad petitionem RoHSand SPATIUM tradit. Nostram formare non processus partum cogitationes fluunt Chartsand Imperium ante productionem processus QC certum omnibus requisitis ad normam ISO9001-2015 strictisque lacus.

-Flexible Payment Term

Auwell flexibleand offert volens termini solucionis, rationabile ut fidem verbis data, componat ad clientonly uber quod hi beati sunt; apud eos suscepit. Diu termprojects offerimus ieiunium partus officia vocationis inventarium procul elit.

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